Spark Chat is an informal and non-technical conversation platform for like-minded individuals to connect and discuss startup ideas and experiences.

Spark Chat is an informal & non-technical conversation between like-minded personals, peers or those who are interested to get into the startup culture or expand their horizon of business, thereby providing a platform where the community comes together, with a common language and understanding to network and learn from one another.

The first spark chat hosted the team from Mindvalley (A Malaysian company) in 2018 and following to which the Spark Chat Podcast was launched in 2020 and continuing with virtual Spark Chat sessions in 2020.

Past Sparkchats

14 Mar 2018 - A Blueprint for Startups (Mindvalley): Feat Shafiu, Nattu and Alsu

26th May 2020 - COVID19 Surviving Business in a Crisis: Feat Shifana, Afrah, Shahid & Nada [view episode]

2nd Jun 2020 - Getting your Startup Investment Ready: Feat Nattu, Dhanish, Shamheel and Shihab [view episode]

16th Oct 2020 - Startup Culture: Feat Neesha, Naail and Sharheen [view episode]