Lean Startup Maldives

Lean Startup Maldives is an intensive startup workshop that uses the Lean canvas methodology to help entrepreneurs launch successful businesses.

Lean Startup Maldives is an intensive startup workshop and training program that teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to use the Lean Startup methodology to create and launch new products or services. The Lean Startup methodology is a framework for developing and validating ideas quickly and efficiently, with a focus on minimizing risk and maximizing learning.

The Lean Startup Maldives workshop is a hands-on, immersive experience where participants learn by doing. Participants are divided into teams and given a problem or idea to work on. They then use the Lean Startup methodology to identify the problem, test hypotheses, gather customer feedback, and iterate on their idea until they have a viable product or service.

Throughout the workshop, participants receive guidance and support from experienced mentors and facilitators. At the end of the workshop, teams pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and receive feedback on their work. The goal of the workshop is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge they need to launch successful startups and innovations.

2023: Lean Startup Maldives

SparkHub, in collaboration with Dhiraagu, is delighted to announce the successful completion of the Lean Startup Maldives Workshop. The three-day event, held from July 14th to July 16th, witnessed an enthusiastic participation of 50 individuals eager to learn and embrace lean methodologies to foster innovation and entrepreneurial growth in the Maldives.

During the workshop, participants were immersed in the world of lean methodologies, gaining insights into how these principles can be applied to their processes and startups. The event provided a unique platform for attendees to explore their ideas through customer validation and experimentation, helping them to understand the importance of iterative development and rapid prototyping.Participants were also introduced to cutting-edge tools and techniques that enable them to build prototypes faster, accelerating their path from idea to product.

2020: Lean Startup Maldives - Virtual Edition

In partnership with Dhiraagu PLC, we conducted the first virtual edition of Lean Startup Maldives from 26th to 27th December 2020, which provided a crash course on how to apply lean methodology, an essential concept followed by companies globally for effective customer service. The virtual edition was facilitated by Mr. Dhanish Athif, a trained lean facilitator with 35 participants taking part in the 2 days workshop during COVID19 time period.