The Success Story of Maldives Youth Hackathon 2024 by SparkHub

The Success Story of Maldives Youth Hackathon 2024 by SparkHub

The Success Story of Maldives Youth Hackathon 2024 by SparkHub

Apr 23, 2024

In a pioneering initiative to foster innovation and creativity among Maldives' youth, SparkHub LLP, was hired as a consultancy firm by the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Information, and Arts, embarked on a groundbreaking project: the Maldives Youth Hackathon, affectionately known as YouthHack.

Starting from January 15th until March 15th, 2024, SparkHub commenced its consultancy duties with the responsibility of conceptualizing, strategizing, implementing, and executing the hackathon, in addition to finalizing the call for challenges for the year 2024. Our team embarked on this journey by meticulously developing the Youth Hackathon Strategy, a culmination of extensive research and stakeholder engagement. This strategy encompassed various elements including defining challenges, establishing a code of conduct, outlining judging criteria, devising participant and submission methodologies, setting rules for the hackathon, establishing terms of participation, and formulating mentoring guidelines. [Scroll down to view the full highlight video and experience the entire hackathon day firsthand]

In addition to strategizing, SparkHub was also tasked with organizing pre-workshops and overseeing the smooth facilitation of the hackathon on the event day.

At the helm of this endeavor, SparkHub partnered with Encrea to craft the brand identity of the hackathon, encapsulating its essence and vision. The result? A dynamic platform aimed at igniting the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among the nation's youth.

The journey began with pre-workshops held on February 10th and 17th, 2024, where aspiring participants were introduced to the intricacies of the hackathon. These sessions served as catalysts, sparking interest and enthusiasm among the youth eager to make their mark in the tech realm.

On March 2nd to 3rd, 2024, the stage was set for the main event: a 30-hour hackathon that brought together 10 teams comprising a total of 50 participants. These teams delved into three distinct tracks—Creator Economy, Innovative Marketplace, and Mental Health Challenge—crafted under the guidance of the Ministry.

The support extended by esteemed partners such as Mastercard, Rajjee Online, Maldives Islamic Bank, and Ooredoo Maldives bolstered the hackathon's success. Their collaboration not only provided vital resources but also underscored the significance of nurturing youth innovation in the Maldives.

Among the highlights of the hackathon was the emergence of Fannuverin as the victor. Fannuverin, a visionary solution serving as a marketplace for entrepreneurs to connect with customers, clinched the coveted title, showcasing the transformative power of youth-led innovation.

Throughout the hackathon, participants benefited from mentorship sessions conducted by technology experts, while seasoned professionals lent their expertise as judges. With eight mentors from diverse backgrounds offering invaluable guidance, the teams honed their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and refined their final pitches.

At the core of the Maldives Youth Hackathon was SparkHub's unwavering commitment to excellence. From developing technical materials to facilitating the event with precision, SparkHub's expertise and dedication were instrumental in orchestrating a seamless and impactful hackathon experience.

As the curtains drew on the inaugural YouthHack 2024, it was not merely the winning team that emerged victorious. Rather, it was a testament to the collective effort and determination of Maldives' youth to drive positive change through innovation and collaboration.

Looking ahead, SparkHub remains steadfast in its mission to empower youth innovation, paving the way for a brighter, more innovative future for the Maldives and beyond.

The team behind the Maldives Youth Hackathon

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