Baikulhabai - Maldives Ocean Hackathon

Baikulhabai - Maldives Ocean Hackathon

Baikulhabai - Maldives Ocean Hackathon

Sep 26, 2023

On September 25, 2023, SparkHub hosted a mini-ideation bootcamp (Baikulhabai) for 9th-grade students representing schools throughout the greater Male' region. This event was a prelude to the Maldives Ocean Hackathon, a project conceptualized, designed, managed, and organized by SparkHub for the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology under the Digital Maldives for Adaptation, Decentralization, and Diversification Project funded by World Bank.

The Maldives Ocean Hackathon spans a continuous 48 hours, during which teams engage in the creation of prototypes while also contemplating their practical application. These teams are tasked with addressing three pivotal ocean-related challenges: bolstering ocean well-being, curbing marine pollution, tackling ocean acidification, and fostering climate resilience for coastal island populations.

Baikulhabai - Mini Ideation Bootcamp

Baikulhabai is an interactive Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop with a focus on instilling an ideation and entrepreneurial mindset in aspiring innovators. This dynamic session combines theoretical concepts with hands-on exercises to equip individuals with the mindset, skills, and strategies required to succeed in creating their initial prototypes. The main focus of the session which is customised according to the requirements of the audience is

  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset

  • Build Resilience and Adaptability

  • Enhance Ideation Skills

  • Develop your next product

Baikulhabai underwent slight modification emphasizing student ideation. During the event, we were honored to have the active participation of Ms. Aminath Shauna, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology, who graciously joined to inspire and engage with these emerging innovators.

Baikulhabai kickstarted the ideation process as 50 students, each from different schools in the greater Male region, converged and quickly formed teams. This led to a spontaneous burst of creative idea generation. The event proved to be both enjoyable and profoundly enlightening for many students, igniting their passion for innovation.

They immediately embarked on the journey of validating their ideas in the marketplace and identifying potential co-founders to propel their concepts forward. Remarkably, some participants even made strategic pivots and adjustments before reaching the final pitch!

In a mere span of 3 hours, these young innovators achieved remarkable milestones. They not only forged new friendships but also had the opportunity to gain fresh and diverse perspectives from their peers. Through collaborative efforts, they honed their critical thinking skills and harnessed their creativity to craft solutions with the potential for monetization.

Presenting their ideas to a swift panel consisting of the Permanent Secretary of MoECCT, Mr. Ajwad Musthafa, and the Project Manager of DMADD, Mr. Ibrahim Waheed, who posed rapid-fire questions, provided invaluable insight into the art of defending their solutions. Despite the challenging nature of the experience, these young innovators demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience. It's abundantly clear that these emerging innovators are resolutely embarked on the path toward future success and innovation, showcasing their immense potential and brilliant ideas!

Avas Drone Service (A.D.S) has claimed the coveted top spot, securing their position as the standout innovators. Their groundbreaking concept revolves around providing life-saving medical assistance in remote and inaccessible areas during critical emergencies. It's a shining testament to the remarkable brilliance of these young minds. The pivot made by the team during the development of their idea, transitioning from the initial concept of a jetpack to a drone, was a noteworthy decision. It exemplified how they effectively harnessed the knowledge gained through mentoring and applied it to fortify their idea.

The winning team got an exclusive invitation to witness the final pitches at the prestigious Maldives Ocean Hackathon. This recognition underscores the significance and promise of their innovation, further affirming their potential to make a substantial impact on pressing challenges.